Isaac Flagg

Artist Services

Design + Fabrication

After 8 years of working for an architecturally-trained sculptor in downtown Toronto, I am offering use of my studio and fabrication experience to select clients.

For inquiries  -  please write to:

or call: 647-378-4746.

Documentation of finished work and work-in-progress available upon request.


Phone: 647-378-4746

Downtown Toronto, ON

Specializing in >

Precise, iterative modelling of 3-dimensional form using hand-tools, CAD and digital fabrication

Start-to-finish production of bronze sculpture, made in coordination with two local foundries

Comprehensive studio management of an international, commercial practice

Services provided include the following:

Design >

Collaborative composition and iterative design of 3-dimensional form, starting from discussion of concepts and rough sketches to decisions about material techniques, construction details, finishing, and installation

Surface, solid, and mesh modelling with CAD software such as Rhino and Solidworks

Production of architectural renderings and models for exhibition proposals, public art competitions and commissioned works

Graphic design, photo-editing, and copy-editing for web and print publications, including monographs, exhibition essays, and competition proposals

3D scanning and reproduction of sculptural objects using photogrammetry software

Fabrication >

Experienced coordination with multiple external trades and contractors, including two local foundries (MST Bronze and Artcast) as well as fabricators and suppliers for: marble and stone cutting, welded steel, glass, specialized hardware, powder-coating, industrial foam and plastics, ceramics, fine woodworking, framing, laser cutting, CNC milling and 3D printing

Fabrication and detailed sculpting of patterns and finished objects using styrofoam, wood, wax, steel mesh, epoxy, 3D prints, thermoplastic, plaster, concrete and other aggregates

Mold-making and casting of small and medium sized sculpture using plaster, concrete, clay, silicone rubber, urethane rubber, resin and wax

Simple wood-frame wall construction, gallery-level drywall, and commercial painting

Custom plywood furniture and cabinetry for studio, exhibition and residential purposes

Construction of bases and exhibition platforms made from MDF, plywood, concrete, steel, plaster, hardwood

Preparation, crating, and coordination of shipments to international galleries and art fairs

Amateur electrical and lighting assembly